Short Story: The Monster

This is a short story that I wrote a few months back and I thought I should share it with you guys. If you like it, please share the post and like it. Also, you can follow my blog too.

The harder the monster scratched away at its forearm, the quicker the flesh fell away. From outside the containment unit, Dr. Elana Miles and Dr. Mark Rustenburg watched in dismay as the monster, which was once a human, clawed away at what was left of its skin. The time it took it to complete this task was merely seconds. Marvelous. It was as if this was this thing’s natural instinct.

“Bring in the next test subject. I wonder how fast the next one will tear off its flesh.” Dr. Rustenburg examined the test subject some more before continuing, “What do you think about all this Dr. Miles?”

“I think that I’m going to like it here,” Dr. Miles put an unsettling smile on her face when she said this.

Dr. Miles didn’t feel that she could have said anything else at that moment that would have made her colleague happy. She got the vibe that he was just as sinister as he seemed. His approving look only proved her suspicions to be true. She didn’t want to turn into another one of his test subjects.

“Dr. Stacy, would you please bring in the next test subject?” Dr. Rustenburg motioned for the clean-up crew to erase the evidence of what happened in there moments ago.

“Yes, Sir,” commented Dr. Stacey, a doctor that Dr. Miles had never seen before.

Dr. Stacy had thick, pin-point straight black hair and creamy, hazel eyes. Dr. Miles would have never thought that a normal looking woman could work in a setting like this.
Dr. Miles could only imagine the environment where the rest of the test subjects were kept. She’s seen glimpses of the room but hasn’t ever walked in there. Dr. Miles felt, deep down, that if she walked in there, she wouldn’t want to come out. Whether it be because she would want to save all of them or that she wouldn’t know which one to murder next.

The look that Dr. Rustenburg always had on his face was there once again when Dr. Stacy entered with the next subject. Dr. Miles could only describe that look as pure insanity. For the second time today, Dr. Miles watched in dismay as the psychotic man grabbed the test subject from Dr. Stacy and put it into the containment unit. Dr. Rustenburg chained the creature to the floor by its right ankle to make sure it couldn’t run away.

Dr. Miles wished that she would have chosen to transfer to a different department. Today was Dr. Miles’ first day in this department. The other department, before this one, quickly became too crowded when the new boss, Dr. Rustenburg, was hired. The new employees in the other department took her hours, which in turn took her pay as well. Dr. Miles finally realized why everyone transferred out of this department: they didn’t have the love for torture. They couldn’t watch Dr. Rustenburg kill humans in the meanest way possible. They couldn’t bear the sound of the creature screaming out for help. They couldn’t go home that night knowing that they would have to get up and do it all over again the next day.

Dr. Miles won’t admit this to anyone, but Dr. Rustenburg persuaded her to transfer. He told her that she had ‘the same look in her eyes as he does’. When he said that initially, she didn’t understand what he meant by that. Now, she knows exactly what he meant. Dr. Miles had the love for torture. She could listen to the creatures writhe in agony and somehow produce a smile on her face afterwards. She could go home and forget what she did while she was at work. Dr. Miles surprised herself when she didn’t puke the minute she saw the vast amounts of blood in the containment unit. The blood was everywhere. On the walls, the ceiling, the door, the windows, etc. Most of the blood was in a pool on the tile floor where the creature slumped once its heart stopped beating. Dr. Miles wondered what else she had in common with the psychotic Dr. Rustenburg.

Dr. Miles realized, within the last couple seconds, that she couldn’t continue working here. She won’t continue working here. If she stayed here any longer, then she would turn out just like Dr. Rustenburg. That thought sent panic through Dr. Miles’ brain. With these thoughts running through her brain, Dr. Miles watched Dr. Rustenburg finish up with the new test subject and close the steel door to the containment unit.

Dr. Miles watched Dr. Rustenburg come back into the room, but before he could utter a word, Dr. Miles blurted out, “Can I speak with you for a moment, Dr. Rustenburg?” He nodded his head and followed behind Dr. Miles to a secluded corner of the room.

Once she knew she has his full attention, she said, “I’m sorry to spring this on you but I quit. I’ll be emailing you my resignation letter later today.”

“But why? I don’t understand. I thought you loved working here.” Dr. Rustenburg replied with shock evident in his tone.

“I do love it here but because that, I have to leave. I’m too afraid of what I will become if I stay here any longer. I really hope you understand.”

Without uttering another word, Dr. Rustenburg nodded and turned back around to the new subject. As Dr. Miles left the room, she heard Dr. Rustenburg mutter a remark under his breath that sent goosebumps down Dr. Miles’ back, “Now, let’s see what this one will do.”

If you made it to the end, congratulations! I’m curious to know what you guys think. Comment your answer to this question:

Who really is the monster in this story?

Remember to dream big. You can do anything.

xoxo Morgan



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